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We. Do. Events.

Since our launch in February 2016, we have hosted many events and gaining traction on social media to over 50,000 fans in DFW. We have gained Fortune 500 sponsors and have celebrity endorsements. We have MANY events planned for the future to keep up with our rapid growth in a short amount of time. The Law of Attraction team, sponsors, contributors and volunteers are continually pushing to make the events better and better each and every day. 



worlds largest super soaker battle

On June 25, 2016 LOABROS hosted a Super Soaker Battle with about 1,500 people. Big sponsors of our event included Dallas Mavericks, General Motors, Neslie, Hasbro Toys, VitaCoco, Yelp, PHP and many more, with nothing but great reviews. We are hosting this event every year at the same time and place, looking to have over 5,000 people in 2017 at a completely sold out event. 


Kruto vodka smooth parties with LOABROS

We had a dock party sponsored by Kruto Vodka. Our mission was simple, we had 3 days to execute an EPIC dock party with 100+ people. We had a great party on Lake Lewisville with the use of boats sponsored by Suntex Boat Club. We had close to 200 people through out the night and had to close early because we ran out of Vodka, lesson learned and we are prepared for the next Kruto Vodka party!